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An anecdote about how pro-wrestling is again picking up new fans for the first time in quite some time (reminds me of the Attitude era) - I say this, because I remember back in the Attitude era, a lot of young women becoming fans, the sort that you wouldn't normally expect to be wrestling fans. Also, the importance of booking a high calibre women's match like Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley first on the card. Because, while the soap-opera storytelling of the era was enough to capture some women - many of them were there just because they found certain wrestlers attractive. Wrestlers, like Rhea Ripley, give them a favourite that they can live vicariously through - whereas before they had Trish, Lita, and sometimes Jacqueline and Tori (and later, Victoria), and those two were often involved in really out there stories. By the time Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler came along, it felt like wrestling had already lost most of its mainstream fanbase, including mostly every woman I knew except for the more tom-boyish ones (you know, the ones with no female friends).

Any way,
Looking forward to the Netflix era of wrestling to see how much it will grow. There is an energy about it right now that feels like 1997 in retrospect.

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