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Almost through 0-A, gonna start next time with the letter B.

By now, there are also 4 games that are supposedly free but where I can't find such a file:

  • The Adventures of Fatman (only version I found is actually commercial)
  • America's Army (US Army ended the program and shut down the servers in 2022)
  • Argentum Online (In Spanish and only free as long you're only creating one character, also now with Microtransactions and even NFT)
  • Robbo (The Adventures of) (Polish, could only find the updated re-release Robbo Millenium, which is still commercial)

Edit: I also added the Dos Game list (which are all playable in browser, but only very few can be downloaded), and updated the free games from the Epic store in the first post.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 18 April 2024