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The timing could get messy for Johnson, especially if he needs Democrats to defeat an ouster attempt before voting on the foreign aid bills at the crux of the current dispute.

  • Greene told several House Republicans that she could start the clock on a motion to vacate within 24 to 48 hours, potentially forcing a vote ahead of the aid bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan hitting the House floor.
  • GOP leadership is looking to release the bill text today on the foreign aid legislation, but progress is slower than expected.
  • "If you want to mention the word Ukraine, you got to deal with the border," Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) told Axios after a group of conservatives met with the speaker.

Civil War Hits House GOP Over Foreign Aid

What a waste of months whilst men, women and children died in Ukraine, so he could try to magic up a bill which would please all members of his party and obviously, like everyone could have told him months ago, the psychopaths in his party aren't happy, they will never be happy, there's straight up Russian puppets in US House, those people aren't being pleased no matter what, there is zero way to pass Ukraine aid and please 100% of Republicans, Mike has wasted months trying when he could have just passed the Senate bill.

Useless leader and a coward.