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Renamed said:
Ryuu96 said:

Question for Americans, if they motion to vacate Johnson, can they still vote on the Ukraine bill before the discussion to vacate?

As the sitting House Speaker, Johnson can still bring the bill to the floor for a vote until they vacate his position.  But once vacated, nothing is brought forward until a new Speaker is sworn in.  Not like anything was moving forward anyway.

This was the agenda for the Rules Committee on Monday:

So until he is actually vacated, bills can proceed as normal?

I guess to be more specific, if MTG brings a motion to vacate forward, does that automatically take priority over all other bills and have to be voted on immediately? So lets say Johnson says "we're going to vote on Ukraine aid on Thursday" so MTG therefore brings a motion to vacate forward on Wednesday, will it prevent the Ukraine aid bill from being voted on?

I'm trying to wonder if Democrats should save him, if there's no risk to the Ukraine aid bill then I say Democrats should only save him if he brings the Senate foreign aid bill forward, it has been sitting on his desk for 6 months now, it's a perfectly good bill, it's far better than his stupid idea and the only reason he didn't bring it forward was to try to satisfy the crazies in his party with his own bill which turns Ukraine aid into a loan but even that isn't good enough for them and they're still seemingly going to motion to vacate him so he has wasted 6 months for nothing while Ukrainians have died.

So my argument would be that I would be okay with Democrats saving him but only if he brings the Senate foreign aid bill forward, if not then they shouldn't save him, let him be hanged by his party and let the GOP look even more terrible than they already are, I hope it convinces more moderate Republicans to resign. Democrats tried to negotiate with McCarthy and he refused to work with them, they should only save Johnson if they get something really good out of him and I'd say the Senate foreign aid bill would be a strong start.

I just wanted to be sure though that the Ukraine aid would be safe even if Democrats chose to not save him, unfortunately at this stage, Ukraine is desperate for help and even a loan as shitty as it is something, I don't really know if they can afford to refuse even a shitty bill at this point with how bad it's getting. So to sum up.

  • Johnson puts forward a Ukraine loan bill = Pass it = Don't save him.
  • Johnson puts forward the Senate foreign aid bill = Pass it = I'd be okay if they saved him.
Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 16 April 2024