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-Adonis- said:

I blame PlayStation players on this. FFVII Rebirth is fantastic and is the GOTY. What the hell the players are waiting for seriously ? Another Fifa and Cool of Doodie ?

I played FF7 back in the day and I think it is simply the best RPG ever made.
I also played 7 Remake and while I did like the added side content of the Avalanche members everything besides that just felt dragged and was either outright boring or too over the top (Honeybee / death scenes that took like forever).

After that I got the urge to play the original PS1 game again and what should I say, it still holds up excellently to this day. What a fantastic game! I did most there is to do and it just took me about 40 hours. A simple, tight and focused experience that I really like! Oh and lol, that's even less than what it took me to beat the drawn out Remake.
So after playing the original again I have no desire whatsoever to play Rebirth, a game which looks to be even more drawn out and unfocused than Remake was.
(Also, there is always the looming threat of too much "Nomura"-ization...)