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I'm going to do an off topic rant :)

Amen on the fanbases comment. But I don't think all of them are toxic, they just have toxic contingents - some are much larger and ridiculous than others (Star Wars, for example). But there are always those fans that want to get all dramatic about how they're victims of adaptations or sequels.

Like this guy below, and there are entire channels and communities dedicated to just hating Star Wars films... and these guys are supposed to be the fans.

At the same time, I think there are a lot of positive elements in fanbases.

For example, when it comes to Foundation, ironically: if you go to the "non-book" subreddit, you have all these whiny people crying about how it is not faithful to the books. Then when you go to the Foundation "Book and Show" subreddit, you don't see any of that - it's all fan analysis and theories about what they did and where it might be going, based on Asimov's books. That said, Foundation isn't a direct re-telling of the Foundation stories; but honestly, those are untranslatable because of the low action and flat characters (at least for the first two and a half books). The TV series does a great job of showing a wide view of what's going on in the Galactic Empire, rather than a bunch of people planning small operations in a small part of the Empire while talking about the wider implications (both through time and space) of the success of said operations.

Witcher was a recent target of slanderous campaigns and harassment of cast and crew on the show.

And the thing about Witcher and Foundation is that both these shows are quite good. I find it difficult to believe people don't really enjoy them unless they're A. not into the genre or (at least) don't care much for TV shows about it, B. Have some kind of sanctimonious victimhood motivation and wish to make it look like the adaptation is attacking them, or C. (specific to Witcher) want it to be based on the games/feel the show and game are in competition.

That's it for my off topic rant.

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