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I don’t know, I thought AEW was quite good a couple years ago. But a lot of that was because of the edge given to them by the Punk factor and MJF. The shows, admittedly, felt very duct-taped together and haphazard. At least until they started doing more traditionally structured shows like Collision (which was kinda too little, too late). Another plus for AEW’s past was that the matches were often more enjoyable than what WWE had going on. But since Triple H has taken over and Punk has joined WWE, it seems to have not only switched, but WWE has gone further up in quality than AEW ever reached on all fronts—or at least from what I’ve seen. I’ve been a big fan of Triple H’s management ever since the golden age of NXT.

Funny thing, CM Punk still seems to be the star of AEW (I think he’s technically their champion). But you can only watch him on WWE RAW.

Over the past year (or so) a loud contingent AEW fans have turned into a whiny and bitter bunch. Constantly sharing cringeworthy echo-chamber comments with one another, including such melodramatic gems as the aforementioned “CM Punk is cancer.”
They claim to hate the guy, yet can’t seem to stop discussing him.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.