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This damn thing is off the charts!
Not only is it already the best-selling system of all-time in Japan, it's still selling at such a high level, by the time it's finally done, it'll be head and shoulders above the DS!
That's what happens when you basically have a monopoly over one region. Sony may make some noise in spurts here and there like the PS5 was making last year, but there over-reliance on the Western market and major, big budget, AAA titles for their more powerful consoles has alienated the Japanese audience to such a staggering degree to where Nintendo is the preferred choice by default. Add to the fact that Nintendo takes the Japanese audience into consideration in everything they do and at several points, primarily appeal to them by just... being Nintendo... and they pretty much rule the market w/ an iron fist.
They're their own competition really. The only thing that can stop the Switch from selling is the announcement and eventual launch of Switch 2.