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Now that I'm done with Rebirth for now; I figured it's time to start looking at my next game. I downloaded Stellar Blade Demo and immediately feel in love with game.

* Game looks great, but there are some cheap looking things like the opening cutscene when the ships were space; That didn't feel like ships flying in space but just motion tweened. It didn't look believable.

* Music is a whole ass vibe. That song that plays during the abandoned city is so moody and beautiful.

*Combat is based around precision blocking and dodging, but at first I didn't see the benefit, because if you perfect parry it does not end the enemies combo. Perfect dodging doesn't give you any leverage. Normally speaking in these types of games when you parry an attack it ends whatever combo they may have had in store and puts them in a defenseless state for you to lay the smack down. Here enemies have a Balance gauge that drains every time you parry or perfect dodge an attack. The more of their attacks you parry/dodge in a row the faster it drains. When it gets low that is when they start being left in defenseless state and fully drained allows for a retribution kill. You are not just asked to perfectly parry/dodge enemy attacks you are asked to do it multiple times.

* I think the game is suppose to be emulating a Souls game sort of? Exploration around the city certainly felt like a Souls game but with more anime options. Dead bodies that have items or keys. Instead of bon fires there are supply camps that let you do all the things you would do in a Souls game. Resting a supply camp even revives enemies. 

* The only negative I have is that cutscenes cannot be skipped. I hope this is just a demo thing. 

I am really looking Stellar Blade as my next game, assuming it is not openworld. I don't mind Dark Souls or even Final Fantasy 16 but I cannot handle any open world games atm.