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Anyway. Looks like we have our answer.
CM Punk in AEW = problems - So many people blaming CM Punk for the problems in AEW; over-dramatic cringeworthy comments, like calling CM Punk "Cancer".

A few months later

AEW (without Punk) = Bigger Problems
CM Punk in WWE = The show becomes great (Punk not the whole reason, but a big part of it).

BasilZero said:

Speaking of Punk and Tony Khan....

This cursed image (by WrestlingInc lol) is just hilarious and ironic.

Funny picture :)

It's just sad that AEW went from being a superior product to WWE to imploding and within about 18 months has become a joke. CM Punk wasn't the problem, he just called it out. People blamed Punk for the situation - but it looks more like he was trying to fix it.

Jim Cornette called the problems out long ago. He was right.

At some point, someone will do a documentary on the self destruction of All Elite Wrestling.

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