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JackHandy said:

Over the years, I've nabbed one high-profile free game on Steam after another. I now have a really nice catalogue of "real" free games on there. Don't know if Steam is that generous anymore (I rarely log in these days, mostly because I don't have a PC to handle it), but if you have an account, I'd just check in every so often and strike when one of them pops up.

Yeah, Steam, GOG and Epic all have some promotions where they give out games for free for a short time, as do the publishers in their own stores sometimes. I intend to add those to the first post later down the road (not much happening there right now anyway on that front) So they're visible as soon as one opens the thread. I will also make a new post every time this happens so people can see it, too.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 10 April 2024