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-Main event - Every spot was great, this was not a technical match but a great spectacle. 
-Sami vs Gunther IC title - I was going into this match with low expectations but surpassed them easily)
-Tag team title ladder match - absolutely loved it, glad they split the titles on different brands, wish they did this with the world titles but I guess it doesnt matter now
-Rhea vs Becky - I was cheering for Rhea the whole way, glad she won and great back to back

-Jey and Jimmy Uso match - honestly it wasnt that good, presentation wasnt that good and they both didnt look like they were into it as much as they should have
-Womens 6 tag match - was not interested in this match at all so I didnt really watch it, just tuned out
-Mysterios, LWO, etc match - just couldnt get into it, again the Mysterios were the best part of the match, everyone else was not so interesting.

Cant wait to see how tonight turns out - excited most for the World title matches