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Shtinamin_ said:

For me at least worldwide is bit more tricky given that Europe isn't pulling its weight in selling units.

But, I'll give it a go.

Japan so far has sold 721,867 units (assuming the famitsu numbers are correct). This is the most up-to-date number we got ending on Mar 31, 2024, and their Feb 3 numbers are 494,725.

Americas and Europe and RotW are a bit tricker given we only have up-to their Feb numbers. Europe as of Mar 2 are at 429,367. Americas as of Mar 2 are at 544,388. And RotW are at 305,086 as of Mar 2. For a total worldwide at 1,773,566.

JP: 27.89% of World total from Jan-Feb

RotW: 17.2% of World total from Jan-Feb

Europe should sell near or just below 200k for March and Americas will sell near 250k. And RotW should be near 140k. Considering that Japan sold 227,142 in March we can add it up to 817,434

From there we can speculate that the total for Q4 will be 2.59M.

Almost 2.6M for it's 8th Q4 on the market would be extremely impressive. It's third Q4 on the market was less than 2.5M and it's 4th Q4 was about 3.3M. The fact that the Switch is still pulling these kind of numbers is extremely telling of how likely Switch is to surpassing both the DS and PS2 in sales. 

Granted, the Switch IS slowing down and it's pretty likely sales will tank the second a successor is officially unveiled. But ending it's 8th FY at almost 142M and still going is a good sign Switch will surpass those two.