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Hardstuck-Platinum said:
Chrkeller said:

Not surprised. 60 fps takes a large memory bandwidth, 120 fps even more so. I think the series x and ps5 are around 450 gb/s. The 4090 is 1000 gb/s. Consoles can't do high graphics and high fps.

No it's definitely CPU related. As the GPU in the XBSX is 3x better than the one in the XBSS, any game that's GPU limited to 30 on the S would hit 60 no problem on the X. Problem is though, they have the same CPU so any game that's CPU limited to 30 on the S will also be CPU limited to 30 on the X. MS should have designed the X with more powerful CPU to avoid this 30FPS problem

Series S is likely reduced resolution and settings.  Memory bandwidth limits are a huge issues for consoles.  That is just a fact.  


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