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Bayern Munich's streak will finally come to an end. It's pretty safe to say now that they've lost against Dortmund and trail Leverkusen in the table by 13 points with only seven games left to play.

The stunning thing is that Bayern's 11-year-streak of championships ends with a season where it isn't even close. For years I've said that any challenger must earn at least 80 points (out of a possible 102) to be in contention, but Leverkusen is on pace for an unbelievable 92 points. I would have never picked Leverkusen as the team to dethrone Bayern, because their streaks of good play have always been shortlived during the past two decades or so, and that's on the rare occasions where they had such streaks to begin with. Dortmund and Leipzig were the two most obvious picks to end Bayern's reign, but both of them were usually too inconsistent to pull it off. Dortmund came very close last year and were in the driver's seat on the final matchday, but completely botched it while Bayern were their usual lucky self with a late game-winning goal.

Also good news this week: Xabi Alonso will remain Leverkusen't coach for a while longer, so Bayern failed to lure him. Yeah, Bayern's long-running Bundesliga strategy was and is to take key players and coaches away from any looming competition.

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