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javi741 said:
KLXVER said:

Well its a home console, not a computer. But yeah, its the best selling dedicated game system of all time with around 156 million sold I believe.

Every video game console is considered a computer. A computer is a device that stores and processes data which is what a game console does.

Fun fact, the Wii Remote has internal storage, and thus can store data (which the PS2 actually can't do, but I digress). It has a processor that is used to process data. 

As of 2010, 65 million Wii remotes had been sold in the US. Conservatively, we can figure that these figures reached at least 80 million for the US. The US accounted for about half of the Wii's total sales, so we can estimate 160 million Wii remotes sold worldwide.

So, there you have it, the best selling home computer of all time is the Wii remote. Of course that is a completely absurd statement, but that is where that rabbit hole leads.