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SAguy said:
Hiku said:

If you saw the checkmark, you knew it was a comment from someone relevant to the subject, or at least a notable person.

That's not true at all. In fact this comment shows why the checkmark was an issue for Twitter for so long. It was never meant to convey any sense of Authority just that the person was who they said they were. Hell long ago all you had to do for a checkmark was send Twitter a valid form of identification and boom you got one.

But who apart from such people actually would have done that? I was conveying a sense of authority just as designed due to the only people who cared about being exactly the person/group they were supposed to represent were people of authority, journalists, and the like. Very few other people did this because it defeated their own sense of anonymity and/or didn't have any need to get that checkmark because they had no greater relevance and thus were at no risk of being impersonated.