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I'd say as it can be a home computer aka Linux Kit for anyone that knows (so calling it a computer is fair of a question then the pfft it's a game console what are you talking about, that people will likely say or get confused as it's not like people go out of their way to search up the Linux Kit or had a demo disk with the Yabasic environment on it after all or cared either/only few have it or took the time to learn it)...

that or the Yabasic program and coding language Sony tried to use as a means of 'selling it as a computer' to European countries (I forget which they tried that and failed) as they wanted to avoid the console tax/fee or whatever it was. So they tried to sell it as a computer to avoid that, that failed and most people see it as a DVD player or game console.

You can do a fair bit with Yabasic but not many people would bother with it. It's more a novelty then anything if people want to mess around with it.

So yes an Xbox One/Series can be used with a keyboard and mouse for games, for the Edge browser and you can use online methods of Office/Google Docs or a bunch of other things if you wanted a web browser can do (with limits of course) but how many people buy it for that not many.

Same with PS2, you can use the Linux Kit and a Keyboard/Mouse.

You can use a keyboard and Mouse with the Dreamcast, you could use Web TV on it if you wanted. You can use a Keyboard/Mouse with the GameCube but that's for like Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online 1.

PS4 also has Keyboard and Mouse support but again, how many use it for games and how many used it with the web browser/I assume PS store it works as well, but not many. They may chat or game playing but that's about it.

So with those details of is it a computer out of the way or best selling I'd say no still as while it's able to be a computer it isn't primarily by 99% of people used for that. Just best selling console not best selling computer in terms of use case not just availability as the obvious of 'best selling' part there.

So I'd still say no as not many people used it as a computer with the Linux Kit.

Same with PS3 Other OS or the Printer feature barely anyone used them. It was an option but most used it as a game console or media box for CD/DVDs/Netflix streaming via the disk at least in some countries it's possible or with PS3 streaming as well as Blu-rays and such.

Last edited by SuntannedDuck2 - on 17 March 2024