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Paatar said:
SvennoJ said:

More studies are needed as all there is now is a suggestion of causative links and studies with CBD on mice.

Anyway we all play video games here that improve memory and cognition to compensate :)

I think one of the big arguments is that not enough long term studies that are generalizable have been done.

unfortunately, memory doesn’t work like that. You can’t just even something out.

its like saying the antioxidants from red wine balances out the alcohol. Doesn’t work like that. 

I know, that was tongue in cheek.

From studies when I learned about the effects of Cannabis during psychology classes in university, they were mostly about memory association. Meaning that things you experience / learn while high, are easier to remember while high. As in, if you study while high, you need to be high while taking the exam lol. (Not recommending that!)

Anything is bad for you when over indulging. A bit of red wine is good for you, get tanked every night, obviously not. I'm guessing it's similar with Cannabis. Get so high every night you can't move anymore, not good for you. But studies need to be done what a 'safe' level is for people with chronic pain that live with Cannabis.

Mind altering substances aren't bad for altering your mind. Studies with Psilocybin and LSD have shown that under controlled conditions and supervision they can heal the mind, in as little as one treatment. Rewiring your mind for the better. Cannabis is less mind altering but does give you different perspectives on many things. Avoids getting stuck in dogmatic thinking!