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JRPGfan said:
curl-6 said:

Don't know if we can really call Ratchet "AAA" though, can we? And Spiderman's one of a relative few IPs big enough to guarantee a return of over ten million, a luxury not a lot of franchises can claim.

I agree with the rest though, the notion of "anything but infinite growth is a failure" is insanity.

It looks and plays like a AAA game....  Supposedly Alan Wake 2 wasn't super expensive either.
It shows theres room for talented game devs to make great looking games without ballooning the budgets.

Also part of why Spiderman is so expensive is because of Disney.
They charge insane amounts for their licenses.

I kinda doubt Ratchet cost anywhere near what Spiderman or God of War or COD cost, is what I meant.

And yeah you can have great graphics nowadays without breaking the bank, provided you keep your scope under control. We saw this last gen with Hellblade, and more recently with Plague Tale.