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Jumpin said:

I've been smoking cannabis for over 25 years now - well, I'm old now, so edibles and sprays). Could you enlighten me on what these negative consequences are?

On the other hand, there are a lot of positives. Like making days feel like Christmas, bringing music listening and composition (if you write music) to an entirely new level, and making scenes from classic films we (may have) watched as children awesome again... like this one:

and DIE!!!! :D

Love that line.

Get high on cannabis, watch Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia, and Alice in Wonderland... while Alice in Wonderland has more drug references in it and is more iconically a "watch while high" film, I think the other two films are actually enhanced more.

I smoked Cannabis from about age 16 to 28 then stopped cold turkey as I moved to Canada in 2002. Picked it up again with edibles since it became legal here in 2018.

It relieves stress, helps me sleep and makes tv and VR more interesting. Also helps against chronic pain (thus easier to fall asleep).

The downsides, makes me thirsty thus while more easily falling asleep, I do wake up thirsty in the middle of the night but it's always easy to fall back asleep again after some water. I'm old, need to get up to pee anyway lol. And there's the negative neurosis it can trigger, yet that's just a mental sate which I know will be gone in the morning so I just ignore it. Actually the 'fear' it can induce is good to put use playing Resident Evil in VR :)

We watched the last episode of Murders in the building (season 1) while high. Never laughed so hard lol, Steve Martin is a genius. As for cartoons, Who framed Roger Rabbit is very good while high and looney tunes in general. Short stuff is better since I usually don't make it to the end of the movie. I watched Spaceman last night while high, now need to figure out where I fell asleep to see how it ends.

As for negative consequences, I don't see any. My vitals are 'exceptional' as the hospital check told me last week. I do have negative consequences from sports and working out. Hit by a car 4 times now while road biking, dislocated a rib from lifting weights which took me out for over a month, right hand middle and ring finger are permanently stuck after a nasty fall while jogging. They won't straighten nor fully close anymore, tendon injury from bending them all the way backwards in the middle. I have many scars that won't heal further and my back and neck give me chronic pain from working behind a desk for decades, as well as RSI in my right wrist.

So I'll take my chances with what gives me actual pain relief and helps me sleep. It's not physically addictive anyway at least not to me. But I had no trouble stopping drinking coffee either. Got Covid, got very sick, switched to drinking tea. I guess Covid masked the caffeine withdrawal. And cannabis helped a lot with the nausea while going through Covid, as well as the full body pain and the pounding headaches.

And a couple times a year I'll go out jogging through the woods while high, to experience to true beauty of nature. Start of fall is the best time and I'm lucky the river valley is only a 10-15 minute run from our house. (Never drive while high, ever, just don't) Then take a dip in the river, feels amazing.

Some favorites to listen to while high, Koyaanisqatsi (also great to watch), any techno/trance, The Orb little fluffy clouds, War of the worlds (musical)

Some don'ts, skill games, they will drive you crazy lol. Casual mode to the rescue.