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curl-6 said:
Norion said:

I would consider it one of the primary ones alongside it using the Harry Potter IP and it being a well made open world game. The PS4 and Switch versions still sold well cause there's still those other factors and the PS4 version still retains a lot of the spectacle even if it's reduced. The PS4 version of God of War Ragnarok while not as pretty is still good looking so spectacle still will have helped sell that version for people who didn't have a PS5 yet. Basically it's not that spectacle was so important to HL's success that it completely lacks appeal when that is reduced, spectacle is just one of multiple layers of appeal it has so it can still well when one if them is removed though not as well.

It was definitely one layer of its appeal, yes. I guess by spectacle I was thinking more of cutting edge graphics, but if we're including the circa 2013 PS4, then I get what you mean. 

I wasn't meaning pure cutting edge yeah, spectacle can still increase appeal a lot as long as it's not too far from that. It also helped out the Switch a lot since for 2017 standards games like BOTW and Mario Odyssey were high quality spectacle wise for games that can be played in a handheld format. I'd consider it a big reason Odyssey sold way more than all other 3D Mario games.