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Norion said:
curl-6 said:

Okay, if you're being genuine here and I've mischaracterized your intent, then that's my bad and I apologize.

My overarching point, best as I can explain, was simply that in most cases (though certainly not all) games don't need cutting edge graphics to sell well if they are otherwise appealing, so while there is a place for games that are stunning to look at, (GTA6 or Sony's flagships for instance) pursuing high end spectacle doesn't seem to be a sustainable path for most devs/publishers these days, with budgets the way they've gotten.

That's all I meant.

I agree with that but it doesn't answer my question though since I was asking about how spectacle made less of a difference to HL's success than I claimed since you said it wasn't as big a deal for that as I said it was. That's why I got annoyed there since it seemed like you were purposefully avoiding answering that and instead went on about something different. Seems it was just a misunderstanding though.

Maybe I misunderstood too; I thought you meant to imply that graphics were one of the primary reasons for its success, which didn't seem right to me cos the downgraded PS4 and Switch versions did well despite being months late. Graphics were definitely a point of appeal for some folks, I just feel like if it was one of the main ones there would've been little to no interest in the worse looking versions.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 15 March 2024