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curl-6 said:
Norion said:

I apologize for losing my cool there but I really think you're acting poorly here. You stated something and I asked you to explain it since I was unsure what you meant by it. You getting offended by that is ridiculous when that is a completely normal part of conversation and isn't "sealioning".

Okay, if you're being genuine here and I've mischaracterized your intent, then that's my bad and I apologize.

My overarching point, best as I can explain, was simply that in most cases (though certainly not all) games don't need cutting edge graphics to sell well if they are otherwise appealing, so while there is a place for games that are stunning to look at, (GTA6 or Sony's flagships for instance) pursuing high end spectacle doesn't seem to be a sustainable path for most devs/publishers these days, with budgets the way they've gotten.

That's all I meant.

I agree with that but it doesn't answer my question though since I was asking about how spectacle made less of a difference to HL's success than I claimed since you said it wasn't as big a deal for that as I said it was. That's why I got annoyed there since it seemed like you were purposefully avoiding answering that and instead went on about something different. Seems it was just a misunderstanding though.