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Chrkeller said:
curl-6 said:

Don't know if we can really call Ratchet "AAA" though, can we? And Spiderman's one of a relative few IPs big enough to guarantee a return of over ten million, a luxury not a lot of franchises can claim.

I agree with the rest though, the notion of "anything but infinite growth is a failure" is insanity.

Fair point on ratchet and I honestly don't know the figures.  I just know with spider 2 people keep saying it was 300 million to develop via data mining while ignoring the same data said it has a 33% profit margin not including DLC and the inevitable PC release.  We live in an odd world when $100,000,000 in profit is bad.  

Yeah Spiderman's definitely done well. AAA spending is fine if you're something like a Sony flagship, COD, GTA, etc where you can reliably bring it huge numbers. It just becomes problematic when you're spending that same amount on a game that might only sell a few million.