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curl-6 said:
Chrkeller said:

Except spider 2 made a profit.  Ratchet made a profit.  We need to be clear here, the "problem" was those games didn't make enough for investors.  The problem isn't modern games making a profit, money is being made.

The new age investment view is a company needs to be growing NTO and profit margins on an indefinite annual basis.  This has so many negative consequences (short and long term) and is the model that is unsustainable.  

A company that generates a steady profit and grows with inflation is uninteresting to most investors because people want faster money via greed.  Hence stagnant wages, layoffs, cheap products, mtx.  

Don't know if we can really call Ratchet "AAA" though, can we? And Spiderman's one of a relative few IPs big enough to guarantee a return of over ten million, a luxury not a lot of franchises can claim.

I agree with the rest though, the notion of "anything but infinite growth is a failure" is insanity.

Fair point on ratchet and I honestly don't know the figures.  I just know with spider 2 people keep saying it was 300 million to develop via data mining while ignoring the same data said it has a 33% profit margin not including DLC and the inevitable PC release.  We live in an odd world when $100,000,000 in profit is bad.  


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