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JRPGfan said:
curl-6 said:

"Hey guys, our offline single player game with no microtransactions or other bullshit was the highest selling game of 2023, and our attempt at chasing the GaaS train was a universally derided failure, what should we do next?"

"I know, let's double down on GaaS trash instead of single player games with no bullshit!"

Its greed pure and simple.
That and bussinessmen, that think its accepable to fail 20 times in a row, for 1 big payoff.... if the payoff is big enough.
Its a gamble, from a greedy outlook at the top of leadership.

As a consumer though, watching them waste time and failing perphaps 20 times in a row... is gonna suck major balls.
I much rather they just do what their good at, the one and done's, where its all but garenteed, they make back their investments and make maybe only 2-3 times their investment in profits.

Option A)
Give me 20 good games, that make consistant, but smaller profits for a company.

Option B)
Give me 19 game flops (that losses money for company), but one decent GaaS game, that gives like 20 times the returns.

As a consumer, if they pick option B), by the time they get around to that mega hit, of a live service game.... I'd have little to no respect for them left.
And again, live serives games arn't for everyone. I much much rather see them just do story focused games, that are one and done, where potentially one of them appeals to me.

Pretty much. 

Making money is never enough for these corporate vampires, they want to make ALL the money. No matter how well they do, it's never enough. Their greed is a bottomless pit, and they'd throw their own mother into it for just a shot at that ongoing Fortnite money.

Never mind that GaaS games have been failing left right and centre in recent times as people tire of games trying to be like a second job and monopolize their time and money.