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In the past, my favorite games were turn-based wargames (Panzer general, Fantasy General, Battle Isle...) and tycoon games (Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Planer, Biing!, Mad TV/News, Airline Tycoon...). Nowadays I'm more into colony sims (Banished, Oxygen not Included, The Universim, Rise to Ruins...), though my love for those wargames is probably also the reason why I love grand strategy titles (Hearts of Iron, Victoria, Supreme Ruler...) so much.

What hasn't changed is that I like RPGs since the day I discovered Might & Magic II on an Apple ][ GS of a friend - but I tend to hate solo characters and always prefer having an adventuring party with me, and I want them to be stat-heavy and turn-based or at least real-time with pause, which narrows down the list quite considerably.