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Azzanation said:

I get what you are saying however an ODST game wouldn't be anything like PUBG or Fortnite. If anything, an ODST BR will be more in line with Apex Legends. Take Apex Legends, replace all the assets with Halo themes, have you literally drop in like an ODST from orbit on different planets and go nuts. Sounds great on paper but they just need to implement it correctly. 

Ill also be down for Halo Wars 3 or a Horror styled Halo game in line with Dead Space but with the Flood. But now I am fantasying. 

I feel a BR Halo game would be hot right now, however the one major issue is it will possibly cancel out Halo Infinites MP, and I can't see 343 being happy with that.

Yes but even then you're just making yet another clone of one of the 4 at the top, and slapping a brand name on it. There isn't anything new BR brings to all of gaming, hence why I said MS should focus on other genres/markets that are currently not being catered to as much.

For real, there is more to gaming than BR, it's like that with Souls fans, those guys want everything to be Souls, but people like me don't, and I know we're not the minority, it's that those fans tend to scream the loudest.

We've already seen previous staff with MS saying they pitched ideas that were very similar to HD2, and well, now we have HD2 and MS doesn't, so I think it's a bit late to just start copying them right off the bat (like how you're suggesting MS just copy Epic or EA).

What we need to do on here is for us to stop thinking like out of touch boardroom C-suit execs and start thinking more as gamers, gamers that aren't (BR/Souls only or it's shit" mentality. I don't care about marketing this or budget costs that, stop inflating the budgets and handle project scope according and aim for AA and you can experiment as much as you'd like, just don't go AAA one genre that's already saturated and occupied to death, it's soulless and serves only one party, a party that's likely being well fed by other existing parties.

Yes, they could do a horror themed Halo that deals with the likes of Flood infested worlds, but again, don't use the already lore established and OP Spartans, use humans, people we can relate to (Again, ODST brought this home).

I don't think a Halo BR would be hot right now, because I've seen how Infinite turned out, and we've just seen WB throw up it's hands and wanting to focus on live services, well BR itself counts directly as a live service, and we just do not need that right now, not when other games are selling well (and even though HD2 is doing it right, they are doing their pass right, even though I'd prefer no game borrow the hamster wheel BP system going forward). 

Also doing a Halo BR will end up eating into Infinite, that is how you cannibalise your own games within existing IP's, and that is a terrible business move to make (like how we have Diablo Immortal, but now we also have D4, which are basically the same formula and from the same IP). 

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