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Why do what Fortnite is currently king at (and always will be king, just like how Minecraft is king of what it excels at doing), and instead just try something others aren't doing, or not doing a great job with?.

Like if anything, actually make your own Helldrivers, but with ODST, instead of Spartans (there's a reason why people liked ODST, it's not because it had the Halo name slapped onto it). But even then, I'd just want MS to do something new, instead of yet another corpo playing it typically safe and copying that's on the market right now, trying to become king at something it will never claim as their own.

Like why not a Halo iso ARPG?, that genre doesn't really have a king, not even Diablo 4 is considered all that great, and the throne still remains vacant on that front. Hell, they could take a note from their AoE RTS side and actually make a full on RTS, not what was had with Halo Wars 1-2, which still feels like "baby's first RTS" vibe.

Just anything but stereotypical, super safe played, Battle Royale (seriously there are other userbases out there that want to play games that aren't pure PVP only BR themed, just look outside the window for more than 5 seconds, I mean there's a reason why Helldivers 2 is doing rounds and that's co-op based).

Last edited by Chazore - on 04 March 2024

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