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TheLegendaryBigBoss said:

I don't understand why JRPGs are called JRPGs. Why not just call them RPGs?

Japanese RPGs at the time were very distinct to western RPGs, and by extension tabletop RPGs. Just compare Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy with something like Baldur's Gate, Ultima, Might & Magic, or on the tabletop side AD&D or Shadowrun.

It's not just visually, but also mechanically. In JRPGs status effects are generally very weak to the point of being basically useless. On classic western RPGs, status effects were vital for survival and generally the better choice over high damage spell "nukes". in JRPGs grinding is pretty much part of the gameplay, while many classic western RPGs had level caps or restrictions that made grinding unviable.

Also in JRPGs, the characters are normally set, while in western RPGs, you tend to create your character(s). It's the story of THE hero vs YOUR hero - or villain, which is another distinction. The me any JRPG where you play anything else than a hero..

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 19 February 2024