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Just like how "Shooters" and "Action" games are a lot more broader in what types of sub-genres are available, RPGs are like that.

Mainly its jRPGs (Japanese RPGs) and wRPGs (Western RPGs).

jRPGs are more focused on a single plot line that usually consists of a group of characters fighting against an antagonist that threatens to destroy the world with the inclusion of some minor side quests that have little to no impact to the main story. Typically turn based but also expands to action or MMO.

wRPGs are more focused on the a individual character (usually custom made) that follows a main story that is usually put on the back burner in favor of side quests that have their own plot. Typically action based but also includes different types of PoV/further sub genre such as table top style, isometric rpg, etc

At least that is what it was originally, now the two sub-genres share similar features - now its just a term used for where it was made but some indie groups create a game in the old school definition terms to cater to a minority group of players.