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Well, most of my PSVR2 time is in GT7 and most PSVR2 games I already have as SteamVR version.

I just finished Red Matter 2 and it was awesome! Much better in every aspect than the already very good Red Matter 1.

M2 is at least twice as extensive, the story is much more sophisticated, the protagonist has learned to speak and often talks to his partner via radio, the puzzles are more varied and really well embedded in the scenario, the multitools on the hands have even more helpful functions, the spacesuit now has control jets to hover for a few seconds (to bridge short distances or reach objects up to a height of around 3 meters).

An item can be stowed on each wrist so that you can carry up to four items (which also makes more complex puzzles possible). The graphics have of course also become much prettier, both in the outer areas (asteroid near Saturn and on Neptune's moon Triton, as well as in the "volgravic" space stations).