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Hi everyone, I really hope you can help me on this one. 

I know this forum has the most dedicated userbase that had been gaming since the primordials of the video game history. So I know if I can't find here I won't find it in anywhere else.

So, now let's talk about the game. I played when I was kid, so my description will suck and my memory will possibly mix with another games that I played on that time, but I will try my best:

. 2000's

. PC

.The avatar controls are somewhat similar to Pac-Man, except you can stand still on a point if you don't press any button.

. I am almost sure the avatar is a actual box with no limbs for the walking animation, I am quite sure that the walking animation is what we see in the GameCube intro, if I am not mixing with some minions in that same game. Or maybe it just slides 

. You could also customize the avatar with other colors and even make look like other characters (imagine a head box pikachu)

.The game is based on levels with full 3d graphics.

.I have a photo that I found that is pretty close to the level design and proportions.

.The color pallet is pretty similar to the below picture (more to the dark blue neon). But that on the first levels, later they have themes like ice, lava, jungle, etc. (The later levels also get more wider)

. The first levels really give a Retro Pac-Man atmosphere because of the strong neon lighting.

.Cubemen (picture below) also share some similarities with the artstyle, level design and proportions. Thanks for the tip @Jpcc86

. The camera is always centered on the avatar, with the same angles as the pictures on the OP. When the levels get bigger, the camera moves kepping the view as was described. I think you could move the camera sideways in a circle to get the 360 view of the level

. I am almost sure that the objective on every level is get to a specific spot on the map with your avatar.

. There were puzzles that could get on the way. There are some hazards on the path that drift the avatar to another way, they could be helpful sometimes (they have arrows indicating the direction that they are pulling you).

. There are enemies that could kill you by touching or hitting projectiles, but don't remember how they were like. I think some of them are spherical with horns (or probably I am mixing with those Super Mario minions)

. I think the avatar has shooting abilities to kill the enemies, but i also don't remember how they were like, probably there is a charging system that limit the use.

For now that's all that I remember. I will update if something more cross my mind.

Thank you for the attention

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