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Shtinamin_ said:
G2ThaUNiT said:

Ooof. 9 million to catch the DS. I'm optimistic in the Switch getting the 16 million remaining to be the best selling console worldwide, but just in the US......9 million is a steep mountain to climb. Maaaaaaybe the Switch reaches the PS2 at least.

Ok, why do you think 9M will be too difficult?

A big reason being the Switch barely outsold the Wii in the US just this past Summer while already having comfortably surpassed the Wii worldwide a year and a half before that in early 2022. With Nintendo forecasting continued decline in Switch sales, and currently no major hitters announced for 2024 outside of a few remakes and the Peach game, I expect US numbers to continue to go down. Especially with the PS5 now routinely surpassing the Switch in sales and the thought process of the Switch 2 being on the horizon. 

Not at fault on Nintendo's part either. The Switch is about to be 7 years old and I'm sure Nintendo is trying to stock up their upcoming biggest games for the launch of the new system. 

Hopefully Nintendo still has a trick or two up their sleeves to get the Switch past the finish line.