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Ryuu96 said:
padib said:

He's right actually. Many industries are suffering for being politically driven instead of being business driven. Disney is one of them, with their extreme-left agenda being part of their actual operations and policies.

Elon Musk has a track record of success, Bob Iger currently has a track record of failure ever since their leftist policies became central to their business, starting with Star Wars 7.

People are upset at musk because of political bias, because he's center and not left. But he's succeeding in all his businesses and will continue to succeed because he's intelligent. He is confident because he's right.

Moreover, the guy has a right to his opinion and if he believes there is racism in the Jewish community he is allowed to talk about it, as we have heard non-stop about racism in the white community, which has also created a lot of chaos in the past 7 years, yet who at Disney is complaining about that? On the contrary, Disney produces trash:

Many people see this flagrant hypocrisy and are not impressed.

Lol. Musk is one of the most politically driven dudes in the industry, Musk never shuts the fuck up about politics and as the owner of Twitter with influence, consistently uses his platform to try to influence politics, he keeps on trying to get involved in foreign politics from Germany to Ukraine and non-stop cries about what the left are doing. Being right wing doesn't make him not politically driven.

Nothing says "business driven" like telling your advertising partners to "fuck themselves" as well, those partners who left your platform due to you promoting antisemitism and letting hate speech run rampant on your platform. What is this "extreme-left" agenda exactly? Let me guess "Ah! Women/Same-Sex Relationships! Scary!" Something like that? Lol.

We have to pretend these people don't exist and if there's even one instance of them appearing, it's an extreme left agenda, Lol.

Lets be honest as well, a lot of these companies do a poor job at this, yet the far right still lose their fucking shit at even the smallest sign of representation, Disney in particular does it often, a thing called Queerbaiting, they will heavily hint or imply LGBTQ+ representation but all it will be is a 1 second, blink and you'll miss it moment and even that causes the Youtubers you're so fond of to lose their shit.

I'm rushing to my PC to scream into a mic until veins are bulging from my neck cause I can't handle the sight of anyone slightly different from me.

Industries suffering from being "politically driven" is some generic line you get from far right Youtubers screaming about seeing gay people, or women. Almost every single business in the world is shockingly, business driven, especially multi-billion dollar ones. It may be a shock to you, but the LGBTQ+ community are potential customers as well and thus companies try to appeal to a broad spectrum.

Not really a big fan of Disney lately but they aren't suffering from a "left-wing agenda" but various of other factors. Lets breakdown how Disney actually makes its money first; Disney Parks, Experiences and Products account for 33% of Disney's revenue and 62% of their operating income, a large chunk of Disney's money comes from its parks, those parks which were hugely impacted by COVID.

Alongside this, they've made a move into streaming, I have some news for you, no streaming service currently profits aside from Netflix and Hulu. It's a long game which requires a huge amount of investment in the start to get the subscriber numbers up to a level of profit and balance the content expenditure. These companies are basically fighting to see who can outlive the other and consolidate again.

Disney+ is likely to be one of the few survivors.

Marvel suffers from a lack of vision and convincing people to reinvest into the MCU again, Phase 1-3 all culminated in Endgame and felt like a natural stopping point, now people are struggling to care for the next phase. The quality has dipped in various areas across the board (not just the so called "left wing" films and shows) and there's so much to keep track of now I believe it's off-putting.

In an effort to gain subscribers quickly, Disney focused on quantity rather than quality and mass produced content to gain faster. There's too many TV Shows and films to keep track of now, the TV Shows should feel standalone rather than needed watching material. Having said that, Loki and Wandavision were both well received. Others like What If and Hawkeye were decently well received as well.

On the side of LucasFilms, the films have faltered on Star Wars but the TV Shows are doing fairly well; Mandalorian, Ashoka, Tales of the Jedi and Andor were well received. You'll probably mention how female led She-Hulk, Ms Marvel weren't well received but equally male led shows have been not well received either, such as Obi-Wan and Boba Fett. Shows are as good or bad as the writers behind them.

Anyway, Disney is still profitable to the tune of $2bn-$3bn on a yearly basis. You not liking certain films is irrelevant. Star Wars 7 (your example) profited huge with a $447 budget and $2bn box office (it was also a good film), nobody with a business brain would call that a failure. The follow-up films were definitely a dip in quality and not ideal profits but still profits even so, the mess of the follow-ups is not cause "female led"

As for Bob Iger? He helped make Disney the juggernaut it is today, after becoming CEO in 2005. Under Iger, Disney acquired Pixar for $7.4bn. Marvel for $4bn (an absolute steal). Lucasfilm for $4bn (another steal) and acquired Fox. Iger stepped down in 2021 and was replaced by Chapek (who was hated) and led to shareholders & investors practically beginning for Iger to return.

If we talk about companies in Disney's market, Disney absolutely dwarfs competitors like Paramount Global and Warner Bros Discovery in market value. They're worth more than Sony and essentially drawing with Comcast. In "Entertainment" they're basically joint 2nd with Comcast (Netflix 1st) and have been that way for years. That is a very strong position for them to be in.

Musk definitely has success but not all of it and it helps when you're born into wealth. His failures; Fired from Paypal, left OpenAI after a failed coup, is currently tanking Twitter. Perhaps he should be more careful about biting the hand that feeds him as well considering his companies receive billions in government money and SpaceX posted a loss of $968m in 2021 and $559m in 2022.

Musk definitely isn't centre, Lmfao. He's right wing pretending to be centre. The dude straight up endorses DeSantis for President, a far right piece of shit who even the far right Trump has criticised on his abortion policies as being too extreme. Those who think they're right all the time are often the most wrong, you should know. Musk is one of the most arrogant MFs on the planet.

His fans are just as bad, they think because he's smart with Tesla & SpaceX that makes him smart in every subject matter.

Twitter is not succeeding, even before Musk acquired it, they were struggling to profit. Advertising accounted for nearly 90% of Twitter's $5.1bn in annual revenue in 2021 and now as a result of Musk's actions Twitter has lost nearly ~50% of Twitter's advertising revenue and Musk himself confirms that Twitter is not profitable right now.

Should we mention how he has straddled Twitter with $13bn in debt as well because this "intelligent" businessman made a meme offer to acquire Twitter and only went through with it because he believed he would be forced to by the courts, a genius who doesn't understand the basics of M&A's and that you can't just sign a contract and then say "sike!" or ignore the advice of your lawyers.

Musk himself values Twitter at $19bn, less than the $44bn he purchased it for...You think that's a success? Lol.

He's center and so what, you care so much about sides.