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Chrkeller said:

How people are embracing trump is a complete mystery to me. I'm a registered republican and I just don't get it.

There are always two ways to look at any given situation/problem:

1. Consider what is right and what is wrong.
2. Align your opinion with the group you belong to, meaning what your group says is right and what it doesn't say is wrong.

If you are a registered republican and just don't get it, you must be looking at this in the first way.

Unfortunately, the majority of people falls victim to the thinking of the second way - the herd mentality - hence why humanity as a whole keeps having so many problems that could actually be solved without too much effort. All too often confirmation bias gets in the way.

Around 30 years ago it used to be that American politics were a contest of center/center-right vs. right, but the democrats in the Bill Clinton era then found more success by shifting a bit more to the right which in turn forced the republicans to shift more to the right as well. This shift continued gradually over time, so today it's a contest between center-right/right and far-right in the USA. This means a moderate democrat today is essentially what a moderate republican was three decades ago, a conservative politician. But it's ingrained in many voters' minds that the democrats are left and the republicans are right, so as self-identified conservatives they'll continue to go with whatever the popular republicans want when they would actually have to vote for the other party for their own best interests, assuming these interests haven't changed much or not at all over the course of the last few decades.

Any given democrat vs. Trump shouldn't be a close contest, if the American people as a whole were reasonable. But single-issue voters are so widespread in the USA that it isn't funny anymore. If the USA was a country of the size and influence of North Korea, we could shrug it off. But sadly the USA is the country with the most influence on the planet, so the average American voter's cluelessness can have major consequences for a lot of other countries around the globe. Worst of all is that we've already had one tenure of Trump, so there is data and evidence for how he handles things. We don't need to discuss hypotheticals when we have history available to us.

But I do know why Americans love him so much. It's because:

Trump is so cool.

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