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Hiku said:
Pemalite said:

The table looks very trump-biased, I assume that was intentional?

The lack of info on the Biden side makes it seem so. As does he wording in some of the comparisons, like in this example.

The very vague descriptions primarily on the Trump side as well.
Here are a few examples:

- Restore Medical Freedom (How?)
- Help people stop dying from war (How?)

- Defend America against all threats (?)
- Protect America against all dangers (Repeated, but worded slightly different)
- Remove radical left ideology out of the military (There's no "Remove radical right ideology (white suppremacists, etc) from the military" written on the opposite side.)

I'm guessing "medical freedom" means allowing people to go running to the governor or a judge over vaccine mandates and 16-year-old Susie at Mom and Pop's Ice Cream Parlor asking them to put on a mask, as well as allowing anti-vax messaging to be spread unchallenged. That's a huge part of the platform of DeSantis, and other Republican governors like Stitt (Oklahoma) have embraced this as well.