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Avowed for me. I wasn't particularly impressed with the video itself, but I like what I'm hearing, and I have some faith in Obsidian. It reminds me that I should get around to finishing the first Pillars of Eternity at some point, and... then continue to the second game.

Indiana Jones was also good, but I'm expecting it to be 'just' good. It doesn't seem to be all gunplay though, so there's some potential there (for both an interesting twist on first-person action gameplay, as well as a disappointment). Ara is also an interesting one, although with the reception of Humankind and to an extent Civilization VI (initially), I'm wary about games of the genre.

The rest I don't particularly care about. Visions of Mana intrigues me a bit, but I don't have any experience with the series, and the video wasn't that great either - which might be a video issue instead of a game issue, but still. I got a good vibe from the developers, which I like, although it's certainly possible it's a misinterpretation due to cultural differences. Hellblade on the other hand has pretty much nothing going on for me personally - everything seems well crafted, but it doesn't particularly appeal to me in any way.