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Mar1217 said:

Mario Movie, by far not the greatest, but it's enjoyable for being a Mario movie.

Oppenheimer, amongst the best historic reconstruction drama of it's genre. Honestly, I kind of felt Nolan couldn't pull it off anymore but proven wrong thankfully.

The Boy and the Heron, once again, let's kneel to Miyazaki, it's staff and Studio Ghibli to produce again an animated masterpiece that's incredibly personal to him as well.

Btb, I was interested to go see Asteroid City back then, but it slipped my mind. Does some of you have opinions on the movie ?

If you like Wes Anderson movies, Asteroid City is another beautifully made movie.

It's his typical style with a new background. Not as great as the Great Budapest Hotel and the French Dispatch but as charming and funny as always.