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javi741 said:

Not a major surprise, UK tbh is one of the weaker countries for Nintendo, it wasn't until very recently the Switch outsold the Xbox One over there which is wild to say since it felt like an eternity since the Switch outsold the Xbox One globally.
Also, I definitely feel like Mario Wonder isn't the type of game to necessarily have huge launch numbers, I see it as more of an evergreen title since simpler Mario games don't have as much of a harcore fanbase like bigger more complex games like Zelda or even Spiderman, I see the Mario audience as being more casual gamers who would pick it up once they hear about it or get the opportunity, in the long run Mario Wonder I believe should do better overall.

I'm pretty sure Mario Maker 2 had a better launch period than NSMBU but NSMBU ended up outselling Mario Maker by more than 2 times as much just off of evergreen sales alone.

In terms of other sales stats, the launch of Wonder is down 62% compared to Zelda in the UK. But again I expect Wonder to do better when it comes to evergreen sales.

Compared to NSMBWii, Wonder's launch physical sales are about the same in the opening period with 79,000 copiers sold. It's good to remember though this doesn't include digital sales of Wonder so if we were to assume the ratio stays the same with 50% physical sales and 50% digital sales, Wonder had a launch most likely that was twice as big as NSMBWii, which is impressive.

Also, in pretty much every country Mario Wonder is remaining the top video game seller in Amazon beating spiderman 2. I expect Wonder to fair much better worldwide than in the UK.

Pretty much nailed this prediction here, in December Mario Wonder sold more than it did in its launch month in October which is definitely very impressive evergreen sales. Even though the game launched in October 20th and had 11 days to sell compared to 31 days in December, most other big games tend to have the majority of their sales within the first week or two of release, for Mario Wonder to sell more two months after release is highly impressive and proves how much bigger Mario is as an evergreen title. The Mario fanbase doesn't contain as many diehard hard-core fans who'd buy the game Day 1, but encompasses a much broader consumer base of more casual fans who'd pick it up once they here about it or get the opportunity to purchase it which is why Mario games tend to be much bigger evergreen games than others.