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Guessed by @Veknoid_Outcast

It's hard to begin putting in words how breathtaking this experience is.

Well, maybe it's not supposed to be put in words. It doesn't use many itself.

We don't need words to be reduced to tears. Happy tears, sad tears, bittersweet tears... We don't need words to care about our little sister owl, or about her cheerful tree spirit sibling who's always in a positive spirit no matter how much tragedy comes their way. We don't needs words to feel anger at those who hurt the ones close to us, but we also don't need words to understand their feelings, to forgive them.

We don't need words to be in awe of the wonders of a beautiful world foreign to us, or to get invested in the people who inhabit it. We don't need words to be sucked in by its every sound and the magical music that accompanies them. We don't need words to feel joy as we connect with this wonderful little character who moves so fluidly and gracefully through the forest, every dance-like movement but a step in a journey to bring peace to those who had it taken away from them.

We don't need words to feel.

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