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Guessed by @Veknoid_Outcast

I think what draws me the most about The Legend of Zelda series is just how much it feels like a legend. You'd boot up a Zelda game and immediately be treated to some imagery that seemed like it came straight from thousands of years ago, musical anthems that felt timeless, stories that intertwined in such ways that always felt like a different reinterpretation, just as happens with legends over the passage of time - or as Fi would put it, "the oral tradition, one of the least reliable methods of information retention and transmission". By putting itself in the position of origin story, a prequel to everything we knew about these legends, there was a risk of it coming off as heavy-handed or that it'd diminish the mythos by revealing too many details, but instead, Skyward Sword became the most legendary tale out of all these.

Well, in my opinion, anyway.

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