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Guessed by @UnderwaterFunktown

I like red.

The color of our blood. Our heart. The color of fire. Of protest, of fighting for what's right. The color of communism.


I've noticed this year that red is a color I gravitate towards. It's my favorite color of course, it's always been, though I didn't always admit that myself. I like red clothing, I love my red shoes. I bought a red 3DS and half-red Switch (heh). My room's walls are painted red, the football club I support is red. Hell even when there's two opposing brands that dominate a specific market, like say Marvel vs. DC or Coke vs. Pepsi, I always like the red one. I've started feeling like red gives me power - when I'm feeling down, being surrounded by red makes me feel stronger. It makes me believe in myself. Even the people I strongly connect with, those closest to me, they also have red as their favorite color, they also draw power from it.

It's no wonder I love this game. Persona 5 is unashamedly red. Red in how it criticizes the coldness of society. Red in how it wants us to believe in ourselves and fight for what's right. Red in how... well, maybe it's not quite communist, but certainly in how it questions many facets of capitalism. Red in how it always makes it about "us vs. them", which maybe it's not the most sensible way of looking at the world, but wow do we all need to release some of the anger we have in these times, with how many shitty people are out there abusing their position of power to make the world shit for everyone else. Red in how it's about what's in our blood, in our hearts. And the burning feelings we need to let out against those who wronged us and think they can get away with it, that society will turn a blind eye out of fear of change. Red in how it's fearless, in how we won't turn a blind eye, in how life will change. Persona 5 is red. My heart is red.

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