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My favourite game from 2010s is Kerbal Space Program. Pure joy of constructing your rockets/airplanes/spaceships (or my fixation for several months at one point, SSTOs, single-stage-to-orbit) and then piloting them, gave me the most fun out of all games (KSP being game in broader sense) I've played in 2010s.

From the poll, for me there is very easy choice, Dark Souls - while Demon's was first, it was Dark that established Souls "genre" as we know it (Demon's lacked connecting tissue for its "dungeons" - think original LoZ idea with no overworld vs actual finished LoZ). But it was not only "genre" that was important, maybe even more important was idea that old school approach, without holding hands, and game being difficult, still appeals to a LOT of people sick of AAA devs constant lowering a gameplay bar. Great gameplay, great atmosphere and worlbuilding resulted in, what is really niche game, being widely recognized, both critically and sales wise.

What I consider GotD, without a competition, is Minecraft. There is no other game from 2010s that influenced so much both new generation of gamers and developers overall, and while sales usually don't tell much about quality (and its actually pretty good game), being the most sold game of all times, by far, has its own weight, and I would say, maybe even its own category.

What I expect to win, is, given the nature of site we're on, is BotW.

Last edited by HoloDust - on 25 December 2023