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My game of the decade has to be Astrobot: Rescue Mission. It's so full of charm and joy, plus together with Moss proves VR is far more than (horror) fps and can turn a 40+ year old back into a kid.

Yet from what's in the poll I'm undecided between The Last of Us, BotW and Dark Souls.

The Last of Us on its own wouldn't be gotd, yet part 2 cemented what part 1 started and elevates part 1 to new levels. Then the TV series on top.

BotW would be my gotd, yet TotK kinda diminishes my feeling for BotW, certainly diminishes me wanting to replay BotW despite slightly preferring it over TotK. These games are simply too big.

Dark Souls would be my gotd if not for 'suffering' of Souls like fatigue. Also no desire anymore to replay Dark Souls.

Undecided, no clear winner in my mind.