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Guessed by @S.Peelman

After spending the last 5 years just outside the top 10, Metroid Prime makes its way back in it, and for good reason: it's the game I enjoyed the most in 2023, thanks to the amazing remaster that released early in the year. The way they made it look so beautiful, arguably the prettiest game on the Switch (certainly the prettiest to run at 60fps), and how they had so many controller options to please anybody who's played it either on the Gamecube, on the Wii, or having their first time now... It was just the perfect way to re-experience this masterpiece, again, and again, and again. It never gets old. Hell, the original version still looks good visually! But having it look breathtaking like it does now is just so great. All I wish for is that Prime 2 and Prime 3 get awesome remasters like this... and that whatever Prime 4's gonna be, it blows our minds. I have a feeling it will.

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