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Otter said:
Norion said:

Launching a year earlier than the PS6 would be risky since they'd for sure be giving a power advantage to Sony making the PS6 the console to get for multiplats unless they pulled a PS3 type of move again which is unlikely. More than anything they need to come out swinging the first couple years of the next Xbox and avoid a drought and all the acquisitions should be enough for that going forward hopefully.

Although this is true, power leaps are becoming less and less visible to the average consumer. Even if the next Xbox is pushing an internal resolution of 1440p whilst PS5 does a native 4k, I don't think that would matter to most people. Especially if upscaling technology gets over the current kinks it's struggling with like shimmering and ghosting. A slightly softer image is not a big deal if both images are pretty crisp overall. MS' main concern will be making sure it has a CPU that is in the a similar benchmark. 

Based on how this generation has gone it wouldn't take that long for 1440p to drop down to 1080p or even lower and considering that path tracing will probably be getting a lot of focus by then the consoles will be getting pushed hard. My concern is Xbox can't really afford to lose many more customers and ceding the power advantage will guarantee they lose at least somewhat more since a portion of Series X owners will have bought it due to it being the most powerful console. This is why I'm concerned how the Xbox Series will do after 2024 since it looks like they'll have nothing to go against the PS5 Pro with making that by far the best place to play GTA 6 for about a year.