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Guessed by @UnderwaterFunktown

The most overhated Pokémon games, or maybe they deserve the hate, I don't know, I love these anyway. I know many see them as the first games of the series' new era where all the games are rushed, but me, I see these as the last great games, the last to be directed by Junichi Masuda, and I really feel like he put his whole heart into this. These were the last to have real heart. And really they had a lot of effort put into them too, what with roughly 800 Pokémon models designed and animated for this, models that are still being reused to this day.

Anyway, it's the heart that wins me over with these. The story might not be exactly Shakespeare, but somewhere in its ankle-deep characters it finds a theme and an important message, that humanity is destroying the beautiful world we were blessed with, and that rings true now more than ever as the world has only gotten worse and worse since then, both in environmental terms and in human society at large. I don't know that the game answers those concerns, but then again, what does? All we can do is keep going, each one of us trying to make things better every day, trying to spread love to each other and doing our best, and that's what this story is about. Maybe it didn't hit for most people, but it hit me hard then and harder now.

Also, the soundtrack is unbelievably good, I still can't get over how good it is. I don't know what happened with this one because most Pokémon games share many of the same composers but no game in the series comes close to this level of music, every battle theme is a certified banger, as are many of the other songs that play throughout. Given how I strongly I value soundtracks in games, maybe that's the main reason I connected so much with this. Either way, yeah, I'll always love Pokémon X & Y.

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