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I've seen it be anywhere between 4-6 years for console releases from a platform holder. It wasnt until the 360 that it was 8 years between it and the XBO release. Since then it seems to be about that long with the introduction of the 'mid gen' refresh around the 3-4 year mark. I was under the impression there was to be no mid gen refresh this time as Sony stated they did one just to see if they could and that they had no plans on doing it again.

If XB decides to usher in their 11th gen console in 2026... that will be 6 years after their 9th and that is a nice round number to do so. Sony prolonging their 9th gen with a mid gen system is rather pointless as things were just getting interesting with the base PS5 as it is. Adding in a slightly upgraded unit isnt really going to be taken advantage of and is a waste of $$ that could be applied towards a proper 11th gen system.